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S u s a n a   A l e x a n d r e


Susana Alexandre conceived in Lisbon in April 1974, was born in Peniche.A few years later she made a difference among their peers ...

Susana discovers the magic searched by the light of existence in Peniche, village facing the vastness of the sea horizon, where the little girl spends a part of her childhood. Inevitably she falls in love with the sea, with which learns the art of being rebellious. Only finds her true place in the vastness of the great outdoors where there are no limits to the horizon, and where the forms are lost in infinity, light as air, free as seabirds that captivate her attention. After her adolescence have been passed in the remote islands of the Azores, where the colors of earth and sky mingle with extraordinary complacency, Susana returns to Lisbon region. Between two paths that often intersect, she builds her own personality ... Her childhood is marked by incessant questions showing on her a thirst for knowledge and discovery. The creativity of the future artist and her constant search for the truth begins to attract Susana for the peoples humanitarian issues. Wherever he goes, Susana always keeps a spiritual and emotional affair with the lights and emotions of each place, which makes it unique.

Always looking for answers, Susana decides to leave for the city of light, where the clarity of Paris will latter illuminats her photographic art works. Reaches the time where she starts to paint, write, do theater but also dedicates herself to photography on her spare time. Always rebellious, looking for herself and something deep in her soul, she begins to express herselve through the photography. Her camera becomes her faithful companion. Susana is the photographer of the instant and the unprecedented snapshots that focuses on capturing moments and situations. She realizes that this art has the magic to stop the time and to immortalize the present, giving at the same time a poetic touch and an invitation to reflection. The stoped time that is dressed in black and white in her photos, make the elements even more timeless, realistic and abstract. As a contemporary woman, she is also passionate for the traditions that she loves to challenge, and she notices to have the innate ability to create an atmosphere of pure challenge.

Her photos are an extension of her eyes, a unique look at all that surrounds her, transmitting an interpretation of a double meaning in her clichés. She loves to tease the imagination! Susana Alexandre writes the Light. Her own view about the world is exciting. Through her amazing photographs, she can lead us to moments prior to unpublished times, and so well stated. Her modernity and her perpetual way of questioning, make Susana Alexandre a full right artist. To describe her "Vision", Susana uses the best and the top photographic laboratories in Paris, where she develops her work. The contrasts of the negatives, brightness and hardness on the blacks of her photos are also chosen and worked by the artist. Her obsession with image also leads her to become interested in multiplying contacts with other people, other places and other professions. All her work is analog.